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Ireally appreciate Edward's ability to communicate at our level without falling into technical jargon which I’m afraid is general criticism of the world of web builders.

Iattended Edward's "Wordpress Website in a day” course, which I found educational, productive, and fun!

The day was interesting. It was well delivered and at a good pace. I felt at ease and able to ask any questions I might have had.

Training with ee web design.

This course is run in a variety of formats including small group and 1-2-1. For details of cost please contact Edward

wordpress in a day


This is a practical, hands on introduction to creating a wordpress site. Working closely with me you will leave the course with a working, catalogue style website upon which you can begin to develop your on-line presence.

Wordpress in a Day? Seriously? Well no, of course not. Wordpress can be a complex beast, but its relatively easy to get going with. If you want hands on, outcome focused course to get you started with building your own wordpress site then this is the course for you.


Students will:

  • work closely with ee-web over a period of 1 day at a public venue
  • understand about pre-built templates and how to install one
  • learn how to create pages
  • learn how to construct menus
  • populate a header and a footer
  • learn about widget areas
  • upload, and insert images to pages
  • create categories, tags
  • write a blog post
  • understand about plugins, their uses and limitations
  • have the basic working knowledge to build develop your SEO successfully


Who Should Do This Course:

The course would suit those who are confident computer users regardless of operating system, but you don't really need a lot of inside knowledge. To get the most out of the course you will need to be keen to learn and practice, and not afraid of making mistakes. You will need to come with suitable text and images for you site, and have access to a laptop with wifi and up to date browsers. Lastly you will need to have sensible expectations about what can be achieved in one day - after all 'e-bay wasn't built in a day' (and yes, someone asked me to replicate it once for a few hundred pounds!!!!!)

Before the course you will need to:

  • ensure you have the correct domain and provide ee-web with details
  • think about content for the first 5 pages
  • bring content in digital form including text, a blog post, images. I am happy to advise about this of course


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Techno mumbo jumbo

As an ex-teacher (of 13 years) I love the act of teaching. The 'ah ha' moment is priceless. People have said that I have the ability to get complex ideas over in simple language.