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Keywords – what are they? How to use them?

October 11th, 2011 by Edward


There are two major parts to understanding keywords: one is the meta tag and the other is density. Keywords are the focus of your content. You should come up with a list of no more than 25 keywords that describe your site’s message. Use your keywords to update your content and to write you links etc. These keywords will help you raise your SEO.

Does it make sense…
Never forget one (!) of the golden rules – write good quality text that humans will easily understand. Of course you should obey all the little points about title tags, alt tags, linking etc – but some people say that you should concentrate on how well your text reads – ie does it make sense, is it “Good English” etc. Its probably a good plan to have the keywords in mind when writing the text for your siteĀ  – it will help you write good text.

The keywords have to appear in your text – don’t list keywords that aren’t in the text – keywords are exactly that, the words that give “Substance” and “Meaning” to your prose.

The days of really worring about keyword meta tag may well be over now -it has little effect for Google, Bing and many of the other larger search engines. Search engines read the text in the tag; they just do not apply the information to their ranking algorithms.

Its so dense…
Density is the number of times a word is placed in the readable content of a page. If you have ten readable words and one word is a keyword the density of 10%. If you have 100 words and one of them is a keyword you now have a density of 1%. Keep your density between 3.5 and 7 percent. Look for an online density analyzer to get an estimated density of a keyword.

Make sure to use keywords in your titles or aliases, links, and content.

No Stuffing Please…
Don’t be tempted to fill your text with keywords – doing so will cuase you to slide down the rankings, especially if the content doesn’t make sense. It is very difficult to write an article that someone will enjoy reading or find usable and increase the density over 7 percent.

Adding the meta data

  • Add the 25 keywords to your Global Configuration > Site > Global Site Meta Keywords.
  • Add specific meta keywords to articles using the metadata information. Make sure the keywords listed here are in the content of the article also.
  • Adding the data does not harm your rankings in search engines, and will help you in Yahoo, and meta crawlers. Never add more than 25 words in the meta data. Separate words and phrases with a comma. Do not repeat keywords.

This article is in part taken from the joomla documentation


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