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Ten reasons why ee-web can help!

February 26th, 2014 by Edward


You’re looking for a web professional to help you develop your web presence?
tools shed with ee-web

There are lots and lots ot choose from out there. So…

why pick ee-web design and development?

  1. I love my work
  2. I make bespoke solutions
  3. I know as much techie talk as you want to hear
  4. Been making websites for 14 years
  5. Don’t have an expensive London office
  6. Pile of happy customers who keep coming back
  7. Wont try and sell  you more than you need
  8. Am here for the long haul
  9. Have a network of professionals to bring in
  10. Enjoy problem solving

And now the detail:

First, and most importantly I love my work. I look forward to Monday mornings… I enjoy working with people closely to realise their vision, solving problems and designing and developing websites. Enthusiasm on its own wont create you a powerful website, but its good to know that your designer isn’t just interested in pushing your work out the door so he can invoice you!

All my work is bepsoke. Many web designers purchase a small number of pre-made templates, and then squeeze your content into them, changing a few colours here and there, and adding your logo. This can work, but underlying this is a potential lack of understanding of how the code is working, which means that the template leads the design which is the wrong way round. Wherever possible the design should lead the way, and the template should fall in line. I have picked up several clients who have been treated to this approach and needed rescuing.

I make it my business to know the talk – I have to, and to be honest I am a geek (although that word no longer appears to be an insult!) Most of my clients don’t really want to know the ins and outs of media queries, responsive design or jQuery, so I make it my business to keep techno-babble to a minimum. This way you wont get overwhelmed, and stare off into the middle distance wondering what’s for tea. On the other hand if you want to talk techie – pull up a chair…

I started doing programming back in the 1980’s and making websites about 15 years ago when ‘www’ meant ‘world wide wait’ and by shots it was too. I have seen a lot of changes and have adapted to them, and enjoy keeping up to date.

Being based in Enfield I have decided not to go after an office at ‘Silicon Roundabout’ where I’d have to pay expensive fees which of course would get passed onto you.

I have a pile of testimonials that really speak for themselves. mostly they talk about how I was able to listen and respond. If your prospective web designer doesn’t listen and respond, maybe its time to think afresh

You don’t always need a new site. Sometimes its better to invest in a little bit of a refresh for the  old one. I wont try and sell you a complete new site if you don’t want it. It’s easy to get bullied into forking out for expensive work you don’t need, especially when talk of ‘google rankings’ is thrown into the mix. Avoid the pressure – you wont get it from me!

One thing I really like is repeat business – and I have lots of it. Some clients have been coming back for  years, some have maintenance/development contracts. I like to think that when your brief is fulfilled that wont be the end of our working together. If you want it, I am here for the long haul.

No one person can cover all the disciplines that might be needed in every project. So I have a network of other professionals that I can pull into a project if needed  such as a videographer or a copy writer should the need arise.

Creating websites is all about problem solving – from how will the information be categorised through to how do we get this plugin to function properly – I solve a myriad of problems with every job. And I love it!

Why not contact ee-web design and development for a no obligation conversation.

07760 392284


Edward owns and runs ee-web design and has been building websites for over 12 years. He is passionate about... most things really

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