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The title tag

January 3rd, 2012 by Edward

A title tells users and search engines what the topic for a page is. Its a really important factor in how goolge (other search engines are available…) sees your site. The title goes in the <title>…</title> tags within the <head>…</head>of your document. Its really important that this title reflects the keywords within your text.

Within joomla I personally like to set the itle for every page via the menu item – in the parameters->system (in 1.5) or menu item->page display items in joomla 1.7. There’s a little check box to say if you want the title to appear on the page or not. I wonder if that’s a good idea – seems to make sense that it would be… or would it be stuffing…

Choose a title that effectively communicates the topic of the page’s content. Avoid choosing a title that has no relation to the conent of the page, or non-descriptive titles like “new page” or “Homepage”. Ideally you should have unique titles for every page – so avoid using the same one across the site. Avoid long titles, or stuffing keywords that aren’t helpful into the title – short but informative is the way to go.


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