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Unusually honest and charming

April 26th, 2018 by Edward


This is not a ‘make me look wonderful’ post  …

I used to regularly read a website called ‘Clients from hell’. Some of the stories there made me laugh out loud. Many of them I could relate to having had clients like those myself.

Recently though I had something of a new one. I was approached to help with a potential new client who told me that they had had some ‘competent’ but ‘uninspiring designs’ and that they had ‘tried a could a couple of developers too’ and been let down badly. As it happens it was a really interesting job, with possibilities.

Alert on standby

After a few minutes chat it was decided that the potential would send me an email – and here’s the kicker!

The email started off ok. After a couple of lines they wrote ‘we found a developer in a funny way. But he seems quite unusually honest and competent (and charming).’

‘Unusually honest’???? And competent too???? How kind of you to say so.

As I read this I knew that I did not want this job. No way. Was this potential really saying that most web developers are not honest, or indeed competent? It certainly read that way.

Alert On Full

Perhaps this potential had experienced a really bad run. However, it takes a certain something to voice your criticism of people like this when you don’t know your audience. And it was that which worried me.

Sometimes business gurus will tell us that if you can win over a client like this they can become one of your best. Sometimes though it just makes more sense to run to the hills.

Shame, interesting project!


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