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Why you Probably Need a Web Professional …

April 20th, 2012 by Edward

Recently there has been a proliferation of “Do it yourself” applications offering a very cheap solution to getting a website up and running. The question arises “Do I really need to fork out for a web designer?” Find out why you probably do!

Your time is valuable – use it wisely!

Recently I needed some electrical work done – and probably I could have done it. However, in the end I got an electrician in who did it in half a day, and definitely did a better, safer job than I would have done. Also, I got on with what I do best – building web sites/applications – or put it another way  – earning money…

A friend of mine  is setting up a new business creating a quality product, and I am sure they will do well. Oddly (to my mind) they have been advised to use one of the off the shelf solutions to create their website. Now they are stuck, and asking me how to do this and that. Running a business is a full time job, and personally I think your should be spending your time building the business, not trying to save a few hundred pounds and giving yourself a load of extra stress. Surely its just not worth it!


The Personal Touch

A good web designer / developer will help you work out exactly what it is you are wanting to do with your site, as well as make suggestions that you probably haven’t even thought about. After all, you probably run a business or have a job and don’t have hours to do the necessary research. And if you’re anything like me having someone you can trust to help is worth its weight in gold!

At ee-web I stress the importance of building good relationships with the people I work with and for. This isn’t just “Empty” words. A happy client is likely to be a returning and referring client!


Understanding the Technology and recent developments

The technology on the web is ALWAYS changing. You are probably not an expert, and therefore there are likely to be things that you haven’t thought of. Again, that’s where a good web designer will help!


Design should be lead by your needs, not squeezed into an existing formula.

Imagine you’re cooking your favourite meal – you can use a pre-made sauce, which will probably be ok, but not exactly as you’d want it (likely to have too much salt/sugar!!!!). Or, you can make the sauce yourself, and end up with a unique flavour. Of course, it will take longer but the final result is better.

Every client has a unique set of requirements for their website. Perhaps yours will fit exactly into the specification of the “Off the Shelf Sauce” solution. But to create a great product, you shouldn’t allow the technology to dictate what you can and can’t do. Surely your business deserves that “Personal touch“?

What happens if it goes wrong (or do I mean “When…”)

Recently I have found that more of my work is trouble busting for clients. They say things like “Such and such doesn’ work” or “I just can’t make it look right”. Chances are, unless you are a web whizz you will need some support. So, form a working relationship with a web designer has got to be a business requirement.

This is draft post which is bound to get updated!!!


Edward owns and runs ee-web design and has been building websites for over 12 years. He is passionate about... most things really

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  6. I just noticed I wrote this post 5 years ago – – – and it doesn’t even have a picture. Thanks for you comment Code9. I think I might re-work the post sometime!

    Comment by Edward — May 11, 2017 @ 9:36 am

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