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Directory listings can affect your ranking

January 5th, 2012 by Edward

Normally when people type into google they either see the contents of your “description” tag or some of the text from your page. This is all great. However, there are occasions when google will display text from the open directory project as the page title and description for your listing that it has “Taken” from this (and other) directories. This is OK, but in some instances the text in your listing might not reflect the key word you are working on, could be out of date, or badly written There is also similar directory run by YAHOO, with all the same possible problems!

I’d prefer to stay in control than let open directories have a say…

You can use the robot meta tag to “Opt out” of content from these open directories being used in your listing/ranking. All you need to do is┬átell the robots by adding this to your <head> section.

&lt;meta name="robots" content="noodp,noydir" /&gt;

The “noodp” opts out ofthe “Open directory projects” whilst the “noydir” takes care of yahoo.



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