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Are we getting too generic – spotting wordpress and bootstrap …

January 31st, 2014 by Edward

It’s all the same to me…

Just recently one of the designers I work with came to me with his usual starting point “Give me a ball park figure for …” and sent me off to a link.

When I got there I was impressed, at first. It looked great, using bold greens and blues, and large photos with lots going on. Indeed, it was arresting.

So remembering my mission, I went to work to come up with a ball park figure to produce ‘something with the same spec’ – no, not a copy.

Things fall into place…

After a couple of minutes I thought – ‘I know what this is… its a wordpress template stuffed through the bootstrap frame work.’ All it took was a few seconds poking around in the code to see that, yes it was wordpress, and yes it was bootstrap.

I was quite pleased with myself – I’ve been wondering if I could recognize how things were put together – and here I was, doing it.

Disadvantages of bootstrap…

I have several projects on the go using bootstrap – it is such a time saving library. But, you do have to be careful …. disadvantage… well, it looks to to me like things are in danger of becoming generic? That I believe is one of the problems with bootstrap – it comes so stuffed full of goodies, that before you know it, designers and developers have taken the easy route and – hey presto, it’s all starting to look the same.

Is this a problem? How is this is going to be avoided…

As a web professional you have to adapt – bootstrap, has in effect, opened another market for us.


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