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Memory limit in wordpress – solving on cPanel

February 11th, 2015 by Edward

Recently whilst installing some plugins/templates for WP I came across this error whilst trying to access the wp-admin for a wordpress install.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 41943040 bytes exhausted ....

We are on a shared server, so changing settings directly was not going to be a solution

By creating the famous phpinfo() file I saw that the memory_limit = 32M

Sometime later…
… I hit upon this:

Create a php.ini file in the home directory and add in this line -with whatever memory_limit you want

memory_limit = 128M;

That’s good, except that it only works for the folder within which the php.ini file was sitting – we need to make it so that every folder would (as it were) carries out this command – this is called making it ‘recursive’ and is done in the .htaccess file.

Where’s my .htaccess file eh?
Now, wordpress doesn’t create the .htaccess file until you set the permalinks – something it took me a good 15 minutes of surfing around to discover. Here was a problem. I needed to get into the backend of WP but it was unavailable due to the memory limit! What to do?

You could just create an empty .htaccess file, however I solved this by going into the plugins folder and changing the name of a plugin folder until it worked – for me it was first time because we have js_composer which I suspected was causing the problem (so I renamed it js_composer-fred).

Now I had backend access, so I set the permalinks and then saw that I had the necessary .htaccess file.

Now was able to add this to the first line of the .htaccess file

suPHP_ConfigPath /pathtoserver/public_html/php.ini

Now I changed the js_composer-fred back to js_composer and hey presto – back end access.

And a great sense of relief!

I wonder if we will have problems with this down the line if we decide to make another alterations to the .htaccess file… let’s wait and see.


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