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More wonderful jQuery

November 30th, 2010 by Edward

I must say this is really getting exciting!

Andy, at the Christian Action Housing and the EN2 Krew keeps saying things like “Hey Mr Dude…”

Once I have got over being addressed in that manner, he goes onto form another statement usually along the lines of

“I’ve seen this funky thingy on this site – can you do it on the EN2 site homepage”


“Could we add a widgety thing onto the Elevate site like this one”.

Actually, this is far from annoying. One of the pleasures of working with a range of clients is tht they push you out of your comfort zone. Then again, I don’t want to be doing the say thing site after site andway so keep ’em coming.

So here are one or two of Andy’s latest requests. These are live, hoefully they wont get taken down before you press on them…

  • a slide show – was created to be generic so it could easily be slotted into different sites
  • funky pop up window that only appears on your first visit to the homepage
  • images that transition in as you roll over panels – this is still in development, so its only showing one image – but the idea is there!
  • images maps that link to lightboxes – this one is great – but sadly isn’t live  yet!

And I have also added a few more of my own, just for the fun of it! These last ones I don’t claim to have completely worked up from  scratch, I include them to give you (dear reader) examples of what I have been up to recently.

And here’s a  couple that I am working on that  you can’t see yet…

  • images that stretch to fill the whole background
  • images that stretch to fill the whole background and rotate round in a slide show (ugh! slide show backgrounds – but he likes it!)

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  1. Oh yes Mr Dude. It’s all part of my mission in life to stretch people to reach their full potential.

    In truth it’s not just about seeing some funky website and saying “I’ll have that in mine”, it’s about balancing the tastefulness of a simple to use site (for instance I find the concertina menus interesting and clever, but a bit boggling on the eyes and brain so I’d never have one), with a bit of well thought out and cost effective animation that keeps people in your site having a look around at what you do.

    It’s like a power point presentation isn’t it? A bit of animation done right can help keep people’s attention during a lecture, but too much of the ‘clever stuff’ can turn people right off.

    So Mr ee-web, thanks as always for putting up with the new requests and realising them for me. Wait ’til I get up the confidence to tell you what else I’d like!

    Comment by Andy — December 1, 2010 @ 3:22 pm

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