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Voluntary Sector Training – a re-build and a re-fresh

February 11th, 2014 by Edward


Since November 2013 (approx!) I have been involved with a really enjoyable project based in Great Dunmow, Essex. Voluntary Sector Training (VST from now) had an existing site which was based around an “Off the shelf template” and an old version of joomla. VST offer training services for the voluntary sector, and while the old site did enable them to take bookings, it was quite old, had a few layout problems and wasn’t responsive.

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VST were also involved in a re-branding exercise, headed up by Lydia Thornely,  and I was called in as the “Web partner” to work with them. As part of a team on this project, we visited VST central were we thrashed out the site map and required functionality.  This led to some research on my part to investigate the much updated component that VST were hoping to use to take care of their course bookings.

Below a few images from the new site – don’t forget to click!


The site is built with the latest versions of joomla, and is fully responsive. It features a much cleaner, less cluttered look and is much simpler to find relevant information. As VST are past masters at updating a joomla site, the training session was able to deal with some more complex editing – which was a joy to me as its not something that I encounter very often.

Since the launch the site has been getting a good number of hits and bookings. When we first met we agreed on a phased approach, and I really look forward to working with the team at VST again.

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